Petit Obscura

Experimental Beer

Alcohol by volume: 3.7%; O.G.: 9° P / 1.035
Availability: Limited

Brewer's Notes

Telegraph Petit Obscura is a small beer brewed from the sour-mash second runnings of a batch of our Rhinoceros Rye Wine. Historically, a small beer was brewed as a way of utilizing the remaining sugars that are otherwise lost when making a big, high-gravity beer. With a crisp, fruity, white-wine-like character, our little obscure one is a light-bodied wild ale with a subtle complexity that transcends its humble origins.

Awards & Accolades

  • Gold Medal, 2012 World Beer Cup, Experimental Beer
  • Silver Medal, 2012 Great American Beer Festival, Experimental Beer
  • Silver Medal, 2011 Great American Beer Festival, Experimental Beer
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