Gypsy Ale

Wild Ale brewed with Plums and Brettanomyces

Alcohol by volume: 8.0%; O.G.: 17° P / 1.067
Availability: Limited availability, released late summer/early fall.

Brewer's Notes

Inspired by the exuberance of the Romani Gypsy culture, Telegraph Gypsy Ale celebrates the restless and adventurous spirit in all of us. We brew it with rye, unmalted wheat, and locally grown plums. Then we ferment it with Brettanomyces while listening to traditional Gypsy tunes. It's wild, it's unique, it's delicious. So go ahead, stray from that well-trodden ground you are following, grab a bottle, and dance along a crooked path. Opa!

Awards & Accolades

  • Rated “Outstanding,” Alström Bros,
  • Rated "A-" , Beer Advocate Magazine, Issue #48
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