Cerveza de Fiesta

Czech-Style Pilsner

Alcohol by volume: 5%; O.G.: 12.6° P / 1.050
Availablilty: during summer months

Brewer's Notes

Our classic, crisp pilsner is brewed every summer for Santa Barbara's Fiesta celebration. Telegraph is proud to brew our Cerveza de Fiesta right here in downtown Santa Barbara, for locals and visitors alike. This classic Czech Pilsner-style lager is crisp, satisfying, and refreshing. Noble hop aroma and a biscuit malt body have this beer finishing clean and dry. It is just the beer to pair with great food, old and new friends, and good times. Viva la Fiesta!

Awards & Accolades

  • Rated “Outstanding”, Alström Bros, BeerAdvocate.com
  • Rated "A-", Beer Advocate Magazine, Issue #48
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