These are the beers that define who we are and what we’re all about. Balanced. Complex and nuanced. Food-friendly. Unique. Explore our year-round line up of go-to beers and find your flavor.


West Swell IPA

New England-Style IPA


Santa Barbara Mosaic IPA

India Pale Ale


California Ale

Belgian-Style Pale Ale


White Ale

Ale brewed with spices and chamomile


Stock Porter


Brewers know what season it is by looking what beers are in the tanks. Crisp pilsner? Must be summer. Rich, dark spiced ale? Definitely winter. Forget looking at the calendar. Let your taste buds tell you what month it is.


Winter Ale

Ale Brewed with Spices and Chile Peppers


Big Bad Baer

Double Barrel-aged Imperial Stout


Rhinoceros Ale

Belgian-Style Strong Ale


Prime Meridian

Hoppy Belgian-Style Ale


Handlebar Abbey

Coffee Infused Belgian Ale


Flotsam Lager

Dry-hopped Amber Lager

The Obscura Series is our line of unique, limited-availability beers that represent the nexus of traditional and experimental brewing styles. Often using wild yeast strains, our progressive Obscura beers challenge the notions drinkers have about what beer really is. With complex, tart, earthy, funky aromas and flavors, these are beers brewed for connoisseurs of the different.


Reserve Wheat Ale

German-Style Sour Ale


Gypsy Ale

Wild Ale brewed with Plums and Brettanomyces


Obscura Vulpine

Sour red ale, aged in Syrah and Pinot Noir barrels


Petit Obscura

Experimental Beer


Obscura Fortis

Barrel-aged Belgian-Style Ale